In a world, where exploding Nurses try to kill their patients...

What to do? 
Patient Zero tries to resist against the evil exploding Nurses, so he arms himself and starts to fight them. 


S -> Shoot left
F -> Shoot right
E -> Shoot up
D -> Shoot down
Arrowkeys -> Movement

What's the point of the game?
It's a prototype we did in a Game Jam, we had 3 days to create a one screen only game in a team with one Programmer and one Artist. We could choose the topic  from a topic generator on twitter. 

What is our topic?
Lofi Top-down Arena Shooter with exploding nurses... or something like that

Is that all you got?
Ahh no.  I (Programmer) started to learn programming like 4 months ago. Lua is the first language I learned besides from Russian Kappa.

Want to have more informations?
Visit this website:

What else?
We would be happy if you gave us some feedback, on the code/gameplay/art/music...
And tip if you liked it and want to support us!

Install instructions

You can play it on every browser or with Pico-8 


Nurse'n'Slash.rar 307 kB

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